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High School

Skills and Competencies

The mission of Maple Bear’s High School program is to provide students with a complete learning experience, preparing them for life in Brazil or abroad. At this stage, the focus is on developing many skills: teamwork, demonstrating that it is possible to learn with one another and contribute to everyone’s learning; how to adequately use social media; the importance of empathy; working with diversity. Students are trained to communicate effectively through speaking and writing, with support from a variety of digital tools.

Highlight: Use of varied digital tools for active learning

Program Activities

Learning resources (graphic organizers, maps, conceptual boards, graphs) all available on the cloud.

Digital Portfolio

Learning process and academic goals will be organized digitally. The students can share their academic work with parents, teachers, and universities.

Canadian Credits

Students are offered accredited optional courses as part of their high school program. This means that a Maple Bear student graduates with a local diploma as well as an official Maple Bear certificate which specifies which Canadian courses were completed.

University Planning

The students can establish goals and identify what they need to focus on, plan and apply strategies to in order to reach success.

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