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Hygiene Protocols
Maple Bear Senjak upholds the highest standards of hygiene in all areas of the school

-Regular sanitizing of hands and also of footwear

-Daily temperature control of the children upon arrival

-All rooms have windows and are aired out multiple times during the day, including in the gymnasiums and cafeteria

-Daily professional cleaning of the school

-We use TARCO products made by the Austrian company Tarmann Chemie (ISO 9001), which are not harmful to the environment and surroundings, and surpass even the strict guidelines from the EU, regarding biodegradability and protection of the water system. All chemical products are sustainable, concentrated (to be diluted with water), and are biodegradable. Also, all products used are on the approved lists of the EU, and meet all the requirements for the ISO standard 9001:2008 and the HACCP standard, and are locally tested regularly by the City Institute for Public Health

-Kitchen and cafeteria separate from other areas