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Canadian Education
Collaborative Environment
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Why Maple Bear?

Maple Bear offers the best in Canadian Bilingual Education, preparing children for a world in which imagination, critical thinking, multiculturalism, and integrating people and disciplines, are more and more essential. Our students are the protagonists of their own learning. They do not simply learn English but become more autonomous, develop new skills, and have their creativity stimulated in a safe environment, all the while immersed in the English language.

Canadian Methodology

Integrated Learning

Disciplines that complement each other in thematic units.

Engaged Learning

Discovery by means of experimentation, interaction, and hands-on activities.

Collaborative Environment

Where the teacher acts as a facilitator of activities and of the student’s development.

Critical Thinking

Promoting autonomy and applying creativity in problem solving.

Passion for Learning

With confiCultivating confidence and positivity as a means to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Immersion in English

More than just learning to speak in English, our students learn how to think in another language.

K-12 Education

K12 Education: Awakening the passion for learning, we bring the best of bilingual Canadian education to over 45,000 students all around the world.

Early Childhood Education
Elementary School
High School

Global Presence

We are open in 22 countries: Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, UAE, Oman, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Romania, Bulgaria, Nepal, Thailand, the USA and Peru. We will be opening in 9 countries: Kenya, Argentina, Paraguay, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Guatemala, Ukraine and Australia.

Different Countries
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Milena and Yordan, parents of Preslav

“We are impressed by the skill and desire of the Maple Bear Teachers at the Maple Bear Elementary school Sofia to maintain the curiosity, interest and joy of learning in our child; it has been great to see how they work with his individual learning style to share knowledge, kindness, positive attitude and a love of learning. We also thank the administrative staff for their commitment and responsibility to our son. Maple Bear School turned out to be a cozy and modern place for us, where our child finds the peace and pleasure necessary for his emotional, mental and physical health, void of any negative social interactions. Be healthy, strong, and brave! ”

Mariana, mother of Steven

“As a parent, I want to thank Maple Bear Teachers Kalina, Maria, and the music teacher for making online learning enjoyable and effective for children. Thank you for your efforts and patience. Our child is looking forward to participating in each class and activity. ”

Tanya, Toni and Anton

“We would like to say Thank you! Thank you to the whole team of Maple Bear Sofia Elementary school for the efforts and working with our children, their patience and support to us, the parents. We are happy that Toni loves his school, classmates and feels secure in the harmonic environment you have created. Congratulations for this. The progress he has achieved both in personal and learning development is because of all of you and make us confident we have chosen the right place for the education of our child. Thank you from our hearts!”

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